Why Most Construction Software Has Not Gained Adoption With Frontline Staff on Projects.

Construction Workers using a mobile tablet on a project
Padraig Reilly, Boxcore Founder

It’s no secret that construction lags behind other Industries in terms of Productivity and the rate of Digital adoption. These two items are deeply correlated. It’s well recognized by Leaders in the Construction Industry of the need to prioritize Digital transformation to streamline excessively burden some processes. Despite this focus, and many efforts over the past decade, most digitalization efforts on projects have failed to gain traction on sites and, in particular, concerning streamlining workflows for frontline staff.

This article seeks to discuss the poor record of construction software companies regarding gaining traction with frontline staff.

Lack of Interoperability to accommodate the complexity of Supply Chains.

Major Construction Projects require a complex web of interacting Contractors, Subcontractors, and suppliers working together to deliver a required outcome. As every Construction project is a prototype with adynamic and constantly changing flow of subcontractors and suppliers, it’s challenging for a client or General contractor to get all supply chain participants to change their way of working and basic management processes. For certain site-based information flows, such as sharing key safety data such as worker's training, equipment inspections, method statements, and permits, companies generally default to manual means of capturing, sharing, and tracking this information. The use of emails, manually updating spreadsheets, and safety data stored insilos is still commonplace on large projects resulting in excessive manual admin tasks, delays to work for crews on site, and poor visibility of crucial safety data.

To be successful on projects, Construction software mustaccommodate this complexity and enable interoperability with contractorsexisting processes.

Not viewing problems from the perspective of frontline staff.

Successful construction management comes done to completing complex tasks with the minimum amount of human effort. Construction crews are deeply aware of this and must make decisions daily to keep work progressing with minimal disruption. Site teams do not have the luxury to spend efforts on items that don’t directly help deliver the work in front of them

Many providers and companies have sought to drive digital solutions that would produce better outcomes for head office and Backoffice based staff; however, they often increase the work burden of supervisors and frontline staff. This can’t work as frontline staff can’t deprioritize progress on-site just to satisfy a reporting requirement.

To gain adoption on sites, software solutions must eliminate human effort for frontline staff and make their life easier rather than add additional burden.

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