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Our mission is to make construction safer and more productive.

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What is Boxcore?

Boxcore is a practical, cloud-based solution for contractor training, assets, permits, and site safety document management.

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Some of our best features

Empower your team by eliminating data silos, and provide
real-time visibility of your projects safety data.
Training Management
and Onboarding
Capture, share, and view worker training records, in seconds, from any device.
Digital Permits
Users can create, review, approve, and close permits, in real time, eliminating delays with permit admin on sites.
Digital On-site Safety Documents
Create, review, approve, store, and access safety documents, such as RAMS, on our platform.
Single Source of Truth
Eliminate double and triple handling of data. Simplify compliance and make audit preparation easy.
Upload, view, share, and track equipment inspection records.
Eliminate Manual
Admin Tasks
Share safety data without the need for emails and manual upload. Fully automate the uploading of excel registers.