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The UK's Golden Thread - A Burden or an Opportunity for the UK Construction Industry?

The UK's Golden Thread requirement's that came into law in 2022 will dramatically change how Contractors operate in the UK. However will this be a catalyst to a major overdue productivity jump for the industry?

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How (the right) Software can help Solve Constructions Productivity and Labour Problem’s.

Construction is an Industry facing several major challenges, two of its biggest include poor productivity growth and a lack of skilled Labour. Can software adoption help overcome these challenges?

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Why Most Construction Software Has Not Gained Adoption With Frontline Staff on Projects.

Most Construction management teams have been seeking digital solutions for a number of years now. Despite this manual means of capturing and sharing site data still prevails. Why is this? and is this likely to change?

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Siloed Project Safety Data is the biggest drag on productivity in Major Construction Projects

Construction Companies operate in highly competitive and high risk industry. As such, labour productivity is keep to maintaining margins. Siloed data on projects though leads to one of the biggest productivity drags.

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Streamline Construction Safety with Cutting-Edge Safety Management Software

In the dynamic world of construction, prioritizing safety is paramount. The ever-present risks and complexities demand robust safety management practices to safeguard workers and ensure compliance with regulatory standards. Fortunately, the advent of technology has the potential revolutionize the construction industry,

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