The UK's Golden Thread - A Burden or an Opportunity for the UK Construction Industry?

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Padraig Reilly, Boxcore Founder

The UK’s 2022 Building Safety Bill, which became the Building Safety Act upon receiving royal assent in April, represents the single most significant shift in how the Construction industry operates for over a generation. This legislation will become a major catalyst in accelerating the UK’s Construction Industry to a digital future. While the Acts 265 pages have many requirements, the most consequential will be the requirement for project stakeholders to maintain a ‘Golden Thread’ of information where all essential information must be stored digitally and accessible to all relevant stakeholders creating a single source of truth on projects.

Amongst there requirements that contractors must satisfy is demonstrating that their workforce has the correct competency and skills to complete their required tasks.

Site operations still heavily rely on manual methods and paper-based processes.

While certain construction sections, such as design management and back-office project management tools, have progressed towards digitalization in the past few years, field operations and site safety management still heavily over-rely on manual email and paper-based means of capturing, storing, and sharing site safety info. The fragmented nature of Construction Projects means supply chains are extensive and constantly changing, with often dozens of separate suppliers and subcontractors on projects. Unlike other industries, such as manufacturing, every project is unique and essentially a prototype. In these conditions implementing process change across such a vast and dynamic range of stakeholders has been very difficult to realize.

Large projects have multiple levels of stakeholders who must continually access certain field-generated information. Typically, subcontractors share essential details such as training records, method statements, permits, and equipment inspections through email and paper-based systems.

This multiple handling of information invariably leads to excessive admin tasks, impacts labour productivity, and increases safety compliance risk.

Moving this information to Cloud-based solutions to create a single source of truth within projects can only lead to positive outcomes.

A value-based perspective will deliver the Golden thread.

Clients, Contractors, and Subcontractors should focus on what digital tools can deliver productivity improvements within their operations rather than solely from a compliance perspective. For digital tools to be sustainable, Companies require a positive ROI on money spent and a quick time to value with a focus on and ease of adoption for frontline users.

Many legacy software systems struggle to gain adoption due to their lack of interoperability, back-office focus, and significant effort to onboard teams onto the new systems.

At Boxcore, our Construction Safety Software simplifies on-site safety management. Our Software eliminates manual admin tasks, improves worker productivity, and simplifies compliance tasks. As a result, companies that use our platform have peace of mind knowing their project’s safety data complies with golden thread requirements. Importantly, this is achieved alongside productivity improvement and for ease of adoption within site teams.

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